Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG initiatives

As a global company, Connectis, as part of the Getronics Group, boasts nearly 4,000 colleagues across 22 countries, united by our commitment to authenticity, integrity, and a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance approach. 

Andre Ribbens

Andre Ribbens, CEO

“Connectis prioritize customer satisfaction, embrace technology, and hold ourselves to values like accountability and courage. In these detailed reports, we transparently share our ESG goals and progress, illustrating our dedication to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and robust governance practices.

Within the environmental sphere, we diligently monitor and work to minimize our carbon footprint, investing in energy efficiency and collaborating with sustainable suppliers. Socially, we champion fair labor practices, human rights, and inclusivity. Our emphasis on employee well-being, data security, and community development underscores our commitment to responsible business practices. On the governance front, we continuously refine our leadership philosophy, ensuring high standards of governance and ethical decision-making.

Our belief in responsible stakeholder engagement aligns with our conviction that it contributes to our long-term success and the creation of a better world. At Connectis, we are dedicated to advancing our ESG strategy step by step, and we eagerly look forward to keeping you updated on our journey”.