At Connectis we are committed to young talent

Connectis has made a firm commitment to young talent. For some years now, the company has been developing a policy to incorporate young professionals into its workforce. It all starts with the selection of students who are finishing their professional training to join the company to do their internships; or, with the search for young talents who are taking their first steps in the job market.

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Tools based on no-code is booming in the IT area

The concept of tools based on no-code is booming in the IT area and to talk about it we invited our Commercial Director of Connectis Argentina, Rosana Canone. An executive that has been with the company for 23 years and is involved daily in the relationship with customers.

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AI and No-Code Cloud: an alliance to reach a new level

David Moyson, WEM’s Regional Business Director, was part of the team that presented the No-Code Cloud platform at Web Summit Rio last April. WEM is the No-Code development platform,headquartered in the Netherlands, that was born with the purpose of democratizing software to boost business, and is a strategic ally of Connectis.

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Fernando Artea: The Explosion of No-Code Cloud

The adoption of No-code Cloud services is growing in Latin America. Industries such as the financial sector, logistics and retail are leading this transformation. Fernando Artea, Sales Director for Connectis Brazil, explains how the No-Code Cloud implementation is progressing

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No-code Cloud without headaches for companies

Great expectation and interest caused the presentation of No-code Cloud at the Web Summit Rio. We spoke with Juan Pablo Bejar, Sales Director Chile of Connectis to find out the reason for so much interest in the platform.

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