We reinvent the digital future committed to ESG criteria

At Connectis, we understand as our own the environmental, social and governance challenges whose solutions contribute not only to the success of organizations but also to the sustainability of the societies of which we are a part. For this reason, we have launched a program of initiatives and the first ESG report, convinced that corporate responsibility must materialize in practice

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Digital transformation to contribute to gender equality and the well-being of all

This International Women’s Day, the United Nations recalls the importance of digital transformation to achieve gender equality, Sustainable Development Goal No. 5. With the motto ‘For an inclusive digital world: Innovation and technology for gender equality’, the UN invites the entire world to reflect and act to reduce gender gaps and to use the transformative power of digital technology in order to build and enjoy greater well-being.

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Cybersecurity to advance in digitalization

Cybersecurity has been gaining ground among the concerns and initiatives of various governments, organizations and individuals. Improving leadership skills on cybersecurity issues and bringing conversations about these risks to the board level is crucial to advancing cyber resiliency.

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