Ogan Burgos, Project and Services Manager at Connectis Chile

Ogan Burgos joined Connectis three and a half years ago as Head of Quality Assurance (QA) service for Banco de Chile. He then went on to manage technical assistance for clients such as Banco Itaú and Banco Santander. Currently, he is the head of a strategic project for Connectis, where he develops solutions for Deloitte at the Dr. Gustavo Fricke hospital in Viña del Mar city, Chile.

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Marcela Torres, Head of Project at Connectis Chile

Marcela joined Connectis in April 2021 as Project Manager to lead a performance testing project. This meant consolidating and expanding the team before attempting a greater challenge: to get validation of the changes from an important new client like Banco Estado.

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Paola Sapino, Director of Connectis in Argentina

Paola Sapino has been appointed Director of Connectis in Argentina after 13 years with the company. One of Paola’s goals is “to promote creativity and collaboration to implement innovative solutions that add value to our customers and differentiate us in the market.”

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Diego Colapietro, Application Support Services Manager at Connectis Argentina

Diego recalls that when he joined Connectis 11 years ago, everything was different. There are several reasons for satisfaction when reflecting on this period, some more professional and others more personal. From a professional perspective, Diego takes pride in the technical level that the Services have reached and the role he plays in the career development of many professionals. On a personal level, he appreciates his own transformation, which has taken him from being reserved and quiet to someone who speaks his mind freely.

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Paula Gomez, Operations Manager at Connectis Argentina

Paula Gomez is the new Operations Manager at Connectis, a position she assumes “with a strategic and global vision of the company’s processes, accompanying the growth of the different areas with a focus on innovation and focused on high-quality services.”

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Leandro Renzi, Senior Account Manager at Connectis Brazil

Leandro is a computer engineer, who graduated from Unopar, Londrina, Paraná. “Attached to family and friends, with the need to be close to people. I work for goals and I love challenges. I always want to grow, improve and learn. I am basically a restless person.” This is how Leandro defines himself.

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Francinara Farias, Senior Project Manager at Connectis Brazil

She studied Computer Science and fell in love with programming. “As a child, I had certain difficulties with mathematics, but a teacher helped me and from that moment I love it and I am very good at it. I’m into logic and numbers. I like to talk to the programmers, to understand all the aspects that are behind a development. I learn a lot from them.”

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