Connectis makes the second delivery of computer material to the Chilenter Foundation

Location: Santiago de Chile
Date: 8 June, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Within the framework of the alliance with the Chilenter Foundation, Connectis made the second delivery of computer equipment so that it has a second life, thus contributing to the circular economy, and to guarantee a socially and ecologically responsible destination for this obsolete technological material.

The delivery – which was carried out by the person in charge of Human Resources in Chile, Anita María Galleguillos, and the person in charge of Communications and Marketing, Felipe Parra – included laptops (45), keyboards, mice, cell phones and BAM.

“The alliance with the Chilenter Foundation is part of the Connectis ESG policy that establishes the commitment to dispose of computer assets in an ethical, responsible and appropriate manner. In addition to that, our aim is to contribute to shortening the digital gap and make technology an effective and sustainable means for the inclusion and development of people”, says Felipe Parra.

According to a 2021 survey supported by Unesco, 45% of lower-income boys and girls in Chile did not have access to a computer during the pandemic years when they had to study remotely.

On the other hand, it is estimated that by 2027, in Chile we will generate 14 kilos of electronic scrap per inhabitant in Chile. And if we do not make transformations, for that year electronic scrap will increase by 46.5%.

“These are issues that concern us as a company and with which we feel committed given the nature of our work. For this reason, we are very happy to continue contributing to children, and to the environment, through Chilenter”.

The Chilenter Foundation works to connect Chile in a more sustainable way, through processes of Circular Economy with a Social Purpose. It has 20 years of experience refurbishing technology and boosting digital connectivity throughout Chile.