Fernando Artea: The Explosion of No-Code Cloud

Location: Latam
Date: 10 July, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

The adoption of No-code Cloud services is growing in Latin America. Industries such as the financial sector, logistics and retail are leading this transformation. Fernando Artea, Sales Director for Connectis Brazil, explains how the No-Code Cloud implementation is progressing.

We know that the No-Code Cloud presentation at Web Summit Rio was a success. But tell us what happened after that big event.

Indeed, the NCC platform -developed by Connectis and Wem- was a great success at Web Summit Rio. Our stand was filled with visitors who wanted to learn about the tool. And the feedback we received was very complimentary because many people were able to envision a solution to their business pains.

One of the great challenges for companies is the ability to adapt to changes and, thereby, respond to a highly dynamic context. This need is what leads many executives to learn more about NCC. Today, more than a month before the Web Summit Rio, we see a growing interest from different industries.

NCC allows a match between the Operations area and the business areas because it provides the tools to respond quickly, accurately and with few resources to day-to-day needs.

Regarding the profile of the companies that are interested in NCC, what can you tell us?

In general, I would say that the first interested parties have been those companies that have identified a development integration or usability problem on the part of the teams. Sometimes cumbersome systems have been developed that produce silos of data where you have to go to extract it every time it is necessary. And sometimes it is a long and unfriendly process that does not lead to an efficient or effective solution. This happened with traditional applications that are becoming obsolete. Fortunately, today it is no longer necessary to be tied to these systems.

NNC allows the development of applications designed specifically for a demand, which are quickly tested and very easily adapted. No more 2-year developments and 6-month trainings.

What are the industries that can benefit most from the adoption of NCC?

All, without a doubt. And those that are most advanced due to the specific challenges of each activity sector are the financial, logistics and retail industries.

These are industries that are subject to very rapid changes in trends or technological acceleration. And, in fact, they were some of those hit by the consequences of the pandemic. Today, resilience is a necessary objective and this implies the ability to develop new responses as quickly as the context demands.

How can companies measure the tangible benefits of adopting NCC?

The return on saving money and time is almost immediate. We have the case of a leasing company that, due to internal processes, took 22 days to put a car back for delivery. In other words, 3 weeks passed in which the car, instead of generating income, produced expenses.

Since this company adopted NCC, the time that the car was immobilized has dropped from 22 to 2 days. This is a concrete result that speaks of how digital transformation impacts the performance of a company.

Finally, how do you see the NCC continuing to develop and how it will continue to be implemented in different industries?

Our strategic alliance with Wem allows us to guarantee that we are facing a platform that never stops improving. Wem’s development team is specialized and dedicated to creating new features that improve the user experience every day.

Connectis, for its part, will continue to develop cloud security to support NCC. The cloud is at the center of any digital transformation strategy because it will also serve as the engine of business innovation, including AI, IoT, and quantum computing, for example.

And in terms of implementation, this is unstoppable. Companies discover that there is a solution to entrenched problems that have been affecting the business for years. And the results are noticed very quickly. For more information about No-Code Cloud, visit our website www.connectis-latam.com.