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Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

The computer engineer from Tucuman who has settled in Santiago for more than 14 years is concerned with the well-being of the teams, the organic growth of Connectis and climate change. He enjoys cycling, trekking with his family and reading essays, among many other things.

Juan Pablo has lived in Chile for 14 years and his family is “totally Chilean” as he tells: his three daughters were born in this country. But he admits that his accent gives him away. He was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, the city where the Declaration of Independence of Argentina was produced, on July 9, 1816. Tucuman’s pride is felt when he talks about the personalities who were born in his land such as Mercedes Sosa, the architect César Pelli (who designed the Costanera Center or the Petrona Towers) among other icons of his province for the world.

His relationship with Chile goes back a long way since his first job was at Gasnor, a company that at that time belonged to an Argentine holding company and the Chilean Gasco. It was at this time that he studied Computer Science at the Technological University of Tucumán. “I have been working since I was 15 years old because I have always liked having economic independence.”

Juan Pablo speaks slowly and explains in detail the stages of his life and those of Connectis. Satisfaction for a job well done is perceived when he looks back and can say that, in 12 years, the company has grown organically, achieving a current portfolio of more than 45 loyal customers in banking, retail, telecommunications, health, education and energy.

One of the main milestones that Juan Pablo remembers was adding Telefónica Chile, in 2014 when said entity decided to change its telecommunications core and Connectis Chile performed the entire consulting service in the Quality Assurance vertical. Another important milestone in one of the company’s main verticals was the implementation of the patient’s clinical record, which allowed the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile to migrate from a manual system to a digital one, automating processes. From then on, Connectis’ goal was to diversify industries and services. “Business Application; Software development with agile, traditional and hybrid methodologies; and Quality Assurance, with end-to-end projects, from the assessment, and the survey to form the quality area, both in the application and in the technical part.”

The same independence that young Juan Pablo showed to work and pay for his studies, he put into practice when he decided to emigrate to Chile in 2007. “Everyone spoke very highly of Chile to me. I didn’t know it, but my father had been here. They were difficult times in Argentina. So, I came and started working for the French company Axway as a consultant. This is how I got to know the market and the local culture and I went through that first period of adaptation, which is always a bit complex personally.”

In 2009 he joined Connectis (at that time, Telvent of the Abengoa group) to collaborate first in Operations and later in the commercial area. “I have been in various positions: from Junior Key Account Manager to KAM SemiSenior, then to Senior, commercial assistant manager, commercial manager for almost five years, and since October of this year, as Sales Director for Chile. Although I had no commercial experience, I believe that certain natural communication skills, added to the training I have done at the University of Chile, have allowed me to accompany the entire great Connectis team in the organic growth that we have been experiencing.”

Juan Pablo and his daugther Agustina (1)

Some injuries removed him from soccer and basketball; he is now a fan of cycling and trekking. The entire family – with his wife María José Zapata, and his daughters Guadalupe (9), María Pía (8) and Agustina (1) – is preparing for spring excursions to San Cristóbal, Manquehuito and El Dorado. “Santiago has beautiful places and I take advantage of the weekends to be with my family and also to read, which is a great passion.”

More than technology, people

There is a Connectis strategy that is central to Juan Pablo: “we are going to continue investing in the development of our professionals to enhance the portfolio and offer customers what they need. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and Connectis, from the Getronics group, is responsible for efficiently applying our experience and professionalism in the field of ICT, generating an impact on the process of digital transformation that we are currently experiencing. One example is banking-oriented services, which Connectis has been promoting since it arrived in Chile. “We are interested in being in the industries that guarantee the sustainability of this country, and without a doubt, banking is one of them.”

Even above this strategy, the Sales Director of Connectis Chile values the orientation towards people. “It has always been a goal that the people who work here feel happy and proud to be part of the company. In fact, what I like most about my job is challenging teams to deliver the best of each one on a day-to-day basis and feel fulfilled with the purpose they have in their personal lives converging with their professional life. I think you spend a lot of hours at work, so my goal is for all of us to be comfortable and have a balance between personal life and work life.”

Juan Pablo’s family

His interest in the well-being of people is related to his concern for climate change. Juan Pablo has had the opportunity to discover many different places on the globe and he believes that “the world is a little crazy”, although he feels hopeful because he sees that awareness of the planet is taking hold. “I am concerned about the world we leave to the new generations, but I love seeing so many startups working for sustainability. At Connectis we are also busy contributing so that we have better air, health and quality of life.”

When you have some time, Juan Pablo leaves us some rather profound literary recommendations: The 4 Agreements by Miguel Ruiz; The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle; the biography of someone he considers to be from the future, Elon Musk; Atomic Habits, James Clear, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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