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No-Code Cloud

With No-Code Cloud you digitally transform your business 10X faster and with a much lower TCO utilising a highly scalable, secure and agnostic platform.

Why No-Code Cloud?

No-Code Cloud (NCC) platform allows you to execute your digital transformation without writing a single line of code:

  • Create enterprise-wide workflow automations
  • Build new applications & enhance existing ones
  • Integrate with legacy and third-party systems

Our No-Code Cloud platform allows your organization to move at unprecedented speed and efficiency with significant cost reduction, delivering mission-critical, scalable and secure solutions.


Businesses nowadays need operational agility, Total Cost of Ownership reduction, optimization of productivity, business visibility, speed to market and efficiency; which translates to a mixture of new software and legacy software to operate and thrive in our world.

No-Code Cloud (NCC) provides you with a full drag-and-drop visual development environment allowing you to create core applications, microservices and API’s without code. NCC comes with a full preview functionality, one-click publishing and going live with full DTAP and CICD workflows.

Benefits of NCC

No-Code Cloud becomes the strategic choice for organizations that need to innovate and digitalize fast.

Automate and optimize all your business processes in no time, simplifying the complexity

Create data-driven business apps just in days with a scalable platform with predictable business outcomes

Modernize and transform your legacy application estate and rapidly integrate with modern cloud native applications driving your business needs

And everything on a robust cloud platform complying with the Connectis secure-by-design principles

Our Partner

Having understood the value of rapid cloud-native digital transformation to businesses globally, Connectis and WEM decided on a strategic partnership and jointly develop and launch a unique platform offering that transforms the way businesses operate, enabling them to achieve unparalleled business outcomes in a secure fashion.

We have combined the intuitive WEM Enterprise No-Code development platform with the guarantee of Connectis’ secure-by-design cloud approach and principles.

WEM No-Code in one minute

Connectis No-Code Cloud: agility and resilience combined

NCC provides so many ways of relieving customer pain points. It empowers business process automation, the swift integration of legacy systems and the creation of something entirely new – all while simplifying the app development process. 

The voice of our experts

“One of the main advantages of the no-code cloud as a business enabler is its ability to reduce costs, in addition to obtaining customized and cheaper solutions compared to the ones traditionally developed.”

Rubens Daniel
Head of Pre-Sales Latam at Connectis

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