Noemi Sakitani, Director of Human Resources for Latin America at Connectis

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

With an Italian mother, it is not surprising that Noemi is an intense and passionate woman. Initially trained in technology, she soon leapt to Human Resources and with it to taking care of people, the most repeated word in this interview and that reflects her vocation: “I keep my heart very calm doing things for people, no matter how small they are”.

Noemi liked Connectis from her first interview because she felt a “human and very close” treatment. It is the same feeling she had when she joined the company: “what I liked the most was the warm way they received me because there is a spirit of great collaboration. I think we understand that we are all in the same boat together going to the same place.” She also values the horizontal treatment between all the members of the company regardless of her position, which in her opinion is a reflection of the transparency and trust that is the basis of the relationships that she sees in Connectis.

Although she normally does not have much contact with clients, sometimes she visits them or they call her to discuss an issue related to collaborators. Noemi believes that the atmosphere and the treatment given to the people of Connectis are evident when the collaborators are displaced in the client’s offices: “they tell me, I like working with the professionals of Connectis because they never complain about their company'”.

The challenges for the HR area are several: recruitment, value offer and the cultural diversity that characterizes Latin America. “Things have changed a lot –explains Noemi- because we have gone from a reality in which you, as a professional, had to convince the company that you were good for it, to the opposite situation in which it is the companies that have to convince to people that it is good for them. It is a complete change. It is very interesting because it supposes a cultural change”. In the years of the pandemic, IT areas were among those that grew the most in the entire world, which has meant that, in certain times and markets, there have been more vacancies than candidates.

Noemi and her family

How to convince a good candidate or applicant to join a company? For Noemí it is clear: “in addition to the economic benefits and other aspects that are key today, such as flexibility, at Connectis there are many opportunities for learning and promotion. But I think that the most important thing is the treatment and the authentic respect for people”. In London, where she spent two years, she further understood the value of individuality and diversity and respect for each person. With the perspective that distance from the country of origin gives, she matured the certainty that there are different ways to reach the same result. “That’s why you have to respect the different ways of being and doing things.”

Her life in London plus her time in different companies of varied origins have highlighted in Noemi’s vision the consideration of diversity as a value and as a factor to take into account in people management. “There are cultural differences between countries and you have to know and respect them. You might think that because we are Latin Americans, we are the same, but that is not the case. Each country has its own identity.” For Human Resources, this means that each communication must have a local touch because “for me, it is very important to respect those differences and it is the best way to communicate.” In each country, in addition to Brazil -Chile and Argentina-, the local HR teams intervene to provide this modulation to the local identity.

Noemi and her sister, Lara

Although what Noemi likes the most is working with people, she began studying Electronics and working with machines in hardware and software during her first years of work. She loves technology because she understands it, but she soon realized that she preferred not to work in these areas. That’s why she started studying Human Resources. “I have a specialization in HR in the Finance MBA. I taught MBA classes in HR for 4 years where I not only taught, I also learned a lot. I have been working with people for 15 years and I can say that I love it because I feel that I can contribute to getting the best out of each one…. Finally, each one of us is a little box full of many things and I am passionate about that”.

For this reason, she greatly appreciates that the leaders of a company are aligned with this idea: value and respect for people. “Sometimes I go with personal problems of the collaborators and I always find in the management of Connectis the willingness to listen and take care of people. You cannot have good Human Resources management if the leaders do not believe in this. I remain with a very calm heart doing things for people, no matter how small they are. She learned to prepare pasta from her Italian mother and grandmother and it is one of her main pleasures. Her best specialties are lasagna and gnocchi. She reflects and affirms that “you put your heart preparing these dishes and the pleasure is the same, taking care of people, in this case, with food”.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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