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App development used to be an exclusive activity for programmers and developers with specific skills in programming languages and technical knowledge to create customized solutions.

However, since the evolution of technology, new tools that allow professionals to create tailor-made solutions for companies have emerged. One of these tools is No-code Cloud.

No-code Cloud is a digital solution development platform that aims to simplify and accelerate creation processes, enabling programming professionals to optimize workflows and increase their development capacity, demand and response.

It also allows companies to create customized solutions without requiring specific resources or technical knowledge in programming languages.

No-code Cloud uses the concept of WEM (Web Experience Management), that covers user experience management in a web environment.

Today, being able to quickly launch new applications that bring innovative ideas to market is essential. By deploying applications in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months or years, companies go beyond and become more efficient in a competitive market.

According to Gartner estimates, by 2024, codeless development is expected to account for approximately 65% of all activities associated with application development. In this article we will cover the importance of this technology and how it can improve business management.

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What gives No-code Cloud such relevance?

With No-code Cloud, companies can be more competitive by creating custom solutions while having greater control over their own.

This is particularly important for those companies that aim to create specific solutions according to their needs, implementing customized applications in a fast and efficient way.

No-code Cloud is a no-code platform, part of the app development and digital solutions movement that seeks to make programming accessible to everyone, including those who do not have the necessary technical knowledge in this field.

Being an easier and faster way to develop custom solutions, it uses a graphical interface that allows any person to create applications and digital resources without having to write a single line of code.

How to use No-code Cloud?

Currently, there are different app development platforms and digital solutions on the market. However, launching a custom solution in a fast-paced market without a single line of code, is not a simple task.

It is highly necessary to set clear goals and test different features and functionalities to create reliable solutions that fulfill the goals set, bridging businesses and innovation. 

Here are some tips to use this resource effectively:

  • Set clear objectives

Before you start using No-code Cloud, it’s important to set clear goals according to what you want to achieve through digital solutions.

  • Start with smaller projects

If you’re just getting to know no-code platforms, start with smaller projects to have a deep knowledge of the tool and its potential.

  • Test different resources and features

Most no-code platforms offer a wide variety of digital app building solutions, resources and features.

It’s important to use them and learn how they can be applied to create efficient solutions to achieve the desired results.

  • Use templates and examples

Most No-code platforms offer models that help users get started. Using templates and examples as a starting point and tailor them to your specific needs is always a good idea.

  • Leverage API Integrations

No-code Cloud allows users to integrate applications with other tools and platforms through API integrations. It is important to know how to leverage these integrations to create more powerful solutions.

  • Test and review

As with any other solution, it is important to test and review any solution before its implementation. This will help ensure a proper app functioning and fix in advance any errors that may arise.

No-code Cloud as an assistant in companies

One of the main advantages of the no-code cloud as a business enabler is its ability to reduce costs, in addition to obtaining customized and cheaper solutions compared to the ones traditionally developed.

Increasing productivity and agility is another advantage since it allows to create internal digital solutions, provide faster iteration, and quickly respond to market changes.

In summary, we can define No-code Cloud support for businesses in 6 steps:

  • Cost reduction

Thanks to No-code Cloud, companies can create customized solutions without hiring a large team of developers, instead, incorporating professionals from other fileds without technical knowledge, who will enrich and diversify our knowledge.

  • Greater control

By creating in-house digital solutions, companies have greater control over the development process and can customize solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • Agility

With No-code Cloud, businesses can quickly create digital solutions and deliver a seamless rollout. This allows us to give a quicker response to market changes and cover customer needs.

  • Customization

This resource allows companies to create highly customized digital solutions to satisfy its needs, offering unique experiences to its clients, while increasing brand satisfaction.

  • Increased productivity

The internal creation of digital solutions helps to increase productivity and reduce market delivery times (Time To Market).

  • Integration

One of the main advantages of No-code Cloud is the integration with other implemented tools, such as CRM and communication platforms. This allows you to create unified and personalized workflows according to the internal routine of the company. 

  • Automation

Business processes optimization from automated workflows for specific actions triggered by specific actions, such as sending a welcome email when a new user signs up to an app.

Is No-code Cloud here to stay?

Facing this scenario, it can be said that No-code Cloud allows companies to build digital solutions in an efficient and personalized way, which helps to meet their specific needs and offer valuable experiences to their customers.

As resource, it becomes an essential booster towards a digital transformation, bringing more competitiveness and quality to their projects, while reducing costs and acting as a strategic solution to leverage growth currently demanded by the market.

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Rubens Daniel

Head of Pre Sales Latam

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