No-code Cloud without headaches for companies

Location: Latam
Date: 14 June, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Great expectation and interest caused the presentation of No-code Cloud at the Web Summit Rio. We spoke with Juan Pablo Bejar, Sales Director Chile of Connectis to find out the reason for so much interest in the platform.

What were the concerns of the clients who came to know about No-code Cloud?

What companies say is that they need the business to move forward, transform and deliver value as the market evolves. And sometimes, for various reasons such as development, maintenance or infrastructure, they do not go at the optimal pace.

In reporting, what we hear is ‘look, I have a lot of resources working on getting data and I have it. What I don’t have is information. Many companies, especially large ones, are doing a lot of tasks manually and that means wasted effort in some cases.

Someone told me that in order to find out what is happening in the entire region and for the information to reach it from the bottom up, it takes a month and a half. And in that time, the industry has already changed or a new trend has emerged in the market.

Would you say that No-code Cloud was a discovery for the companies that were able to attend the demos?

In general, I would tell you that many had heard of the platform, but thought that it did not apply to their needs, or even that they had not been able to identify a pain that had a quick and inexpensive solution.

They told us, for example: ‘I need to do something like this, but I don’t think we can do it right now’. And in a very short time, we were able to show if you can do something at very high speed.

There are many projects in companies that normally remain in the backlog, due to a lack of time, resources or investment. So, after seeing how No-code Cloud worked, a lot of people said: “Ah, well, it seems that I can do it, it seems that there is a way to do it”.

And then there are the visitors who were saying ‘No-code Cloud? I don’t have problems; I don’t need that. But, after seeing the demo, they began to think and told us ‘Until I saw a solution like this, it hadn’t even occurred to me that it was a problem because I thought it had no solution’”.

And what did they discover in No-code Cloud that fit so well with their needs and their problems?

What No-code Cloud represents is a bridge to achieve the objectives of innovation, agile model and digital transformation because it provides a solution to the needs of tools, time, investment and human resources. And without headaches.

What this alliance between Connectis and WEM offers is speed, ease and low costs for companies. It is a platform that is adopted as an innovation engine without producing new needs because we do not generate code because with a single click, you have the application in the cloud. You only have to focus on what really interests you, which is generating value for your company and for your customers.

More specifically, tell us what opportunities No-code Cloud offers

The platform allows you to create from the proof of concept to the final project. You can do one or ten proofs of concept and the testing until you find the application that gives value to the business and customers (internal or external). And you can do it very quickly. When that proof of concept becomes the foundation of the project it’s packaged as a service, so you can have 10 or 10,000 users because we can scale it.

The Kubernetes environment, incorporated into the platform, gives you high virtualization. Kubernetes is the preferred technology to deploy your applications in any cloud, with high levels of virtualization and independent of providers because we can interconnect and make hybrid distributions. With No-code Cloud you can create environments with very high availability, with very high redundancy.

This is possible thanks to the No-code Cloud architecture because the projects are developed in a cluster of microservices, with very high redundancy. For each service you have there are different instances that are automatically waiting. So, if a process crashes, another version of this process is immediately started. This means that the service is always available and without having an army of engineers supporting it.

In summary, the opportunities offered by No-code Cloud are many and without headaches for companies.