No-Code Cloud conquers the Chilean market

Location: Latam
Date: 12 October, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Connectis organizes an exclusive event in Santiago de Chile to promote the new generation of technology

“What determines the success of companies in a world full of information and constant technological evolution? Every day it seems more important to ensure the agility and efficiency of processes to maintain the competitiveness of companies. Companies face challenges in accessing and managing information and overcoming the technological complexities involved in implementing new solutions.

Within this framework, Connectis – in a global alliance with WEM – is introducing No-Code Cloud in Chile, the new generation application development and management technology that is spreading throughout the world. “Chile is a country that stands out in the region for its high level of digitalization and the vocation of its companies for innovation. So, it is normal that we are finding great interest in this new generation of technology,” says Elisabete Mleczak, general director for Latin America at Connectis. And she adds that “when we presented No-Code Cloud at the Web Summit Rio it was a success because it is the perfect tool to create software, from small applications to large-scale projects, precisely adapted to the specific needs of the organization, with costs reduced and at a surprising speed.”

Elisabete Mleczak, General Director for Latin America at Connectis

And to publicize how No-Code Cloud operates, Connectis has organized an exclusive event that will bring together innovation experts and executives from prominent companies in Chile. During this event, a demo session will be held in which WEM No-Code specialists, responsible for the development of the platform, will show how it works. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the No-Code Cloud implementation process tailored to a company’s specific needs and expected results.

“We have prepared a demo that shows that No-Code Cloud can develop solutions 10 times faster, that it allows us to obtain 100% results with 20% resources and how it is capable of hyperautomating processes with 100% quality,” says Juan Pablo Béjar, sales director at Connectis Chile.

The event will also feature the participation of Pedro Maschio, distinguished analyst and author of ISG Provider Lens, who will address the contributions of Next Gen ADM (Modern Application Development and Management) platforms to the acceleration of digital transformation in companies.

“It is a cutting-edge technological event and that is why we will bring together a select group of representatives from the main companies in Chile and experts in the digital transformation of businesses,” says Elisabete Mleczak.

The ‘No-Code Cloud: The Next Generation Application Revolution’ event, taking place in October in Santiago, will offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in no-code/low-code technologies and explore global trends in application development.