Paula Gomez, Operations Manager at Connectis Argentina

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Paula Gomez is the new Operations Manager at Connectis, a position she assumes “with a strategic and global vision of the company’s processes, accompanying the growth of the different areas with a focus on innovation and focused on high-quality services.”

She came to Connectis 17 years ago to join a body shopping team as a trainee. She then went through various positions -Semi-Senior Analyst, Senior Analyst, Head of the Appraisal Team and SR Practice Manager- until she became Operations Manager. “I assume my new responsibility with all the optimism and energy to generate the positive transformations that are necessary.” 

Until recently, as head of the production management service, she was in charge of a group of 50 people. Today, she extends the management to more teams such as Testing Factory, Software Factory, Professional Services and New Technologies. She will also have different contact with other areas of the company -such as the commercial area and Human Resources-, and with the client.

As production manager, she was in charge of a continuous availability team (24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and weekends). “These services are critical because they are the ones that guarantee the availability of communication for our main customer.” This implies that the design and management of the team is a critical element: “We work with a system of overlapping shifts of between two or three hours to ensure the total continuity of the processes”.

To sustain and guarantee this commitment on the part of each one of the collaborators, Paula believes that a fundamental pillar is the flexibility that Connectis offers to reconcile work life and personal life. “It is important that we can say ‘I am always there when the company needs me, but when I need something, the company is also there.’ We want everyone to be able to attend to our personal commitments because they are important to each one of us”.

This relationship of complicity for so many years, in which the human and professional planes are mixed, is what makes Connectis a great family. “We are not just colleagues, we are always there for each other, both personally and at work. I think that mutual support is essential. Without my colleagues I would not be where I am, nor would Connectis be what it is because the company’s pillar is the human group.”

The relationship between Paula and computing began at home since her father developed software and lived in the world of computers. This, and other plans that she had for her, led her to choose the career of Systems Analyst (after spending two years studying Law, which she also loves to this day). While she was studying, she started working at HP’s technical service and there she was for 5 years, first as a receptionist and then in customer service.

In these 17 years, she has worked under the wing of different brands, with leaders of different styles, and with many colleagues. “I have been evolving and adapting to all the changes, not just the positional ones, which are the most natural. And I feel that Connectis has accompanied me in all these processes that always involve some degree of difficulty and tension. It is a company that listens to you, gives you the opportunity to express yourself, and makes you feel that you are a part of and that you matter, that you are not a number. And I think that’s what allows me to be where I am and feel comfortable in my role.”

She married Martin, her longtime boyfriend, a year after entering Connectis. Franco was born 15 years ago and Emma 9 years ago. “I say that they were born in Connectis because I experienced my pregnancies and the birth of my children here, so they are part of this family.” Thus, it is normal that both her husband and her children and friends take Paula’s 24/7 responsibilities very naturally.

What she enjoys the most is starting a new project and finding a solution for the client. “I love designing it from scratch, choosing the right profiles, producing the amalgamation between the client and the team, establishing the procedures and checkpoints and getting to see how that project comes to life and runs on its own. It’s like watching a child grow. That makes me feel alive.” Commitment to the client is what Paula thinks she identifies Connectis with. “Assuming that the problem is not the client’s but ours, of the entire team that is working, and looking for the best solutions, is the attitude that characterizes us.”

Paula practices Pilates with yoga to “lower the revolutions that I bring from the work day, which is very hectic.” She prefers quiet to crowds, so she chooses the low season to enjoy the beach. She spends her weekends spending time with friends and family.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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