Rosana Canone, Sales Director at Connectis Argentina

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Rosana celebrated 23 years at Connectis, in which she has held different positions. Today, what she enjoys the most is the relationship with clients. “A client told me ‘Rosana, we know your team, we know how you work, we have always been very satisfied, that is why we continue to choose you”.

Flexible, competitive, honest, brave, with a vocation for teamwork, and somewhat workaholic. This is how Rosana Canone quickly defines herself, a graduate in Business Administration and almost a Systems Analyst (she left this degree just 4 subjects from finishing it).

Rosana remembers that when she joined Connectis in 1999, the company (at the time, Syseca) had a very small team of just 15 people. She reviews the different purchases and mergers that the company went through to become what it is today. She believes that the main change came with the transition from a more local view to a global perspective. “I was not always in the same position; changing allowed me to grow and align my goals with those of the company”. Her long career at Connectis has to do with the opportunity she has had to grow professionally and with the people, she has met at Connectis because, in the end, “companies are made by people.”

One of the aspects that she enjoys the most about her job is contact with clients, through close and trusting relationships. “We have clients of many years who continue to choose us. Just yesterday a client from Uruguay emphasized the closeness they have with us and our willingness to accompany and advise them on the path to achieving their goals. He told me ‘Rosana, we know you, we know how you work, we have always been very satisfied, that is why we continue to choose you’”.

This customer perception is aligned with the very identity of Connectis. “We are a flexible company that sees our clients as technological partners and that establishes a relationship that goes beyond the clauses of the contract. Although the contractual framework exists and gives the guidelines, clients consider us partners because they see that we accompany them in their objectives and their commercial strategy”.

In fact, when Rosana talks about digital transformation, one of the focuses of Connectis, she is not only referring to technology: “digital transformation sometimes seems like a trivial concept, but for us, it is the change that a company experiences and causes when it decides to transform its culture to make it more efficient, more sustainable, more productive, taking full advantage of technology. And what we do at Connectis is to accompany organizations in this process”.

The pandemic accelerated a series of transformations that Rosana had already been seeing. In part, because as she says with a somewhat sad smile “in Argentina, we are used to working in crisis.” Remote work was an option before Covid, so the quarantines found them in a situation that, at least professionally, they were able to quickly adapt to.

Rosana in Delta del Tigre

Before arriving at Connectis, Rosana worked in a retail store while she was studying, at the age of 19. She then wanted to focus on her studies and began working in the Operations area, specifically in Technology. There, and while she was still studying, she became a Systems Administrator, like SAP. She joined Connectis as a Project Leader in Service Delivery, an area that she later managed, “until finally, in 2010, I became part of the commercial team, and here I continue.”

In the short term, Connectis’ goal is to export talent and services, as a way to take advantage of global opportunities, the strengths of the teams, and also to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis. “The great strength is having a team of highly trained people that allows us not only to sustain our local businesses, but also to target new opportunities for both the company and Connectis professionals.”

Benito, Rosana’s cat

A lover of water, Rosana usually practices rowing in the Tigre Delta, although the two years of the pandemic kept her away. She also enjoys the silence outdoors, trips to Colonia with friends, and science fiction. She shares a house with Benito, who came into her life by chance. “They say that kittens are independent; what I see is that they are very companions too”.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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