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Transform any space into a more efficient, secure, engaging, and productive environment for your occupants, visitors, and tenants, while gaining full control of your building and creating new sources of revenue.

What are Smart Spaces?

Traditionally, the focus of real estate has been all around the cost of buildings and assets. Today, this focus has shifted towards offering a more flexible use of space, user satisfaction, sustainability, and wellbeing – all while increasing operational efficiencies.

The need to refine and improve quickly by taking advantage of technology, devices, and data is crucial for growth, as much as an opportunity.

Managing access, locating employees and visitors, optimising facilities use, adjusting lighting and HVAC schedules, controlling security, monitoring cleaning and waste management, and providing new digital services and tools to guarantee a better experience are only a few examples of what Connectis Smart Spaces can offer.

We combine years of expertise, integration tools, and capabilities with best-in-class industry partners such as ESRI, Tridium, Kontakt, Milesight, Innovatrics, orBeckhoff to help our customers unlock the potential of their real estate – transforming offices, airports, shops, hospitals, stations, and even cities, into better, smarter spaces.

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What makes us unique

We know you have plenty of choice in this market. Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to speak with us:

Our Smart Spaces solutions are built on a modular, open-source, flexible and scalable platform that is both vendor and technology-agnostic. Regardless of the systems, vendors and technologies you have already deployed, we can integrate them (or upgrade them) into a single platform and smart ecosystem.

We have seen customers increase users, devices and data volumes by 10X, 100X and even 1000X in a given year, and proven our capability to handle it.

We have many years of experience building Smart Spaces solutions for hospitals, transport operators, and real estate businesses. We understand the challenges you will face when tasked with improving a building’s efficiency or working to improve user experience. We will help you identify the best use case, design, and implement the technological components to support them.

Connectis & Boustead

Connectis delivers Smart Spaces solution for Boustead Projects – a leading provider of integrated industrial real estate solutions in Singapore.

Smart Office

Improve the lives of landlords, facilities management, tenants, and employees with smart solutions covering everything from access control, visitor management, cycle racks, or car parking to room booking, energy management, fault report, and hygiene control.



Smart Hospital

Contribute to improved patient care by integrating facilities management, security devices, nurse call systems, patient medical devices and critical assets.

Smart Transport Hub

Monitor passenger flows with beacons and smart devices in airports, coach and train stations, using machine learning to identify behaviour patterns, enabling transport managers to make better-informed decisions.

Smart City

Create a network of interconnected smart spaces (such as buildings, airports, hospitals and train stations) to provide citizens with a consistent, unified approach to book and access city services.

The Smart Spaces journey

Smart buildings can delight your building occupants, keep them safe, and bring financial and operational efficiencies to your real estate.

Efficient use of real-estate
Offering flexible spaces and services and enabling cost reductions.

Energy Efficiencies & Sustainability
Offering consumption monitoring, emissions reduction, local regulations, and improved citizen perception.

Staff Efficiency
Real-time data helps building staff to find more effective, efficient, and cheaper ways of doing things

What is a smart building?

It’s expected that smart buildings could reduce energy consumption, deliver new insights, and boost productivity. But what exactly is a smart building?

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