Testsigma and Mabl – The Superstars in Quality Assurance Services

Marcela Torres

Head of Project

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The Testsigma and Mabl tools stand out in Connectis Quality Assurance services. These tools allow you to automate test cases in an agile and simplified way, using basic scripts in English. This approach makes the creation, execution, debugging, capture and customization of tests much more accessible, and allows its functionality to be extended to products synchronizable with both tools.

What is Testsigma and Mabl?

Before we go into detail about the benefits of these tools, let’s understand what Testsigma and Mabl are. Both are powerful test case automation platforms designed to simplify and streamline the testing process in different scenarios. Testsigma uses basic English scripts to create, run, debug, capture, and customize tests, making the automation process accessible even to teams with little technical expertise. Mabl, a test automation tool, stands out for its ability to synchronize with various products and systems, allowing a more holistic approach to testing.

Benefits of using Testsigma and Mabl

By adopting Testsigma and Mabl solutions, our clients have experienced many benefits in their Quality Assurance processes. Test automation provides:

  • Agility: Automated testing significantly reduces the time spent running manual tests, allowing teams to focus on other critical activities.
  • Accuracy: Consistent execution of automated tests prevents human error, ensuring more accurate and reliable results.
  • Resource savings: By relying less on manual testing, it saves resources and streamlines the work of the QA team.
  • Continuous Integration: Testsigma and Mabl tools can be easily integrated into continuous integration flows, making the development process more seamless and secure.

Made for leads and clients

This content is aimed at all our leads and clients looking to improve their QA processes. Whether you are responsible for the quality of your organization’s products and services or want to raise the level of excellence in your deliveries, this article is a must.

Testsigma and Mabl solutions have proven to be an essential differential for companies looking to excel in the marketplace, ensuring the quality and efficiency of their products and services. If you’re looking for a strong and efficient partnership in Quality Assurance, Connectis has everything you need to guide your journey to excellence.

Don’t waste time and contact us now! Together we can build a future of quality and success for your business.

Marcela Torres

Head of Project

In this article:

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