The importance of an Agile Culture for organizational transformation

Ogan Burgos

Project Manager

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For years, companies of all sizes and sectors have strived to be more agile, aiming to be more adaptable and flexible in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment.

However, many of these companies find it difficult to implement an agile culture, especially when they do not have the help of an expert agility team.

In this article we will highlight the importance of expert guidance in agility for the success of organizational transformation, addressing everything from the main challenges faced by companies when adopting an agile culture, to the benefits of having a specialized agility consultancy.

What are the main challenges in implementing an agile culture?

The lack of guidance from agility specialists can lead to unmet expectations or even difficult to achieve expectations in the desired time.

This can lead to teams’ frustration, as they are managed from a traditional culture in terms of indicators, budget and/or results, while required to be agile. Additionally, if agile methodology trainings and culture are not incorporated, teams tend to consider only new tasks that take time instead of understanding and exploiting the benefits of this methodology.

Another recurring pain occurs when the organization mistakenly defines that all projects must be managed with agility, however, in reality activities are sequential or managed with a world-class product provider (ERP, Workflow, etc.) that has its own development and delivery methodology.

It is important to emphasize that the agile culture is not only about implementing tools and methodologies in software development, rather it is a change of mentality and behavior that involves the entire organization.

Therefore, companies should know that implementing an agile culture can be time consuming and require significant effort from everyone involved.

Benefits of agility specialists orientation

Agility coaches can help identify the main obstacles to the implementation of agile culture in the organization, as well as develop change management strategies to overcome them.

Another crucial factor is that they can guide teams in adopting agile practices best suited to the context of the organization, as well as in defining metrics, indicators, or OKRs to measure the progress and impact of transformation.

Agility experts also enable the promotion of an agile culture within the organization by sharing knowledge, best practices, and engaging teams in transformation.

This can contribute to the creation of a more collaborative, innovative, and adaptable work environment, able to face market challenges with greater efficiency and resilience.

The importance of choosing an agility specialist

Choosing the right Coach or Partner in agility can be critical to the success of organizational transformation.

It is important to identify a consultancy with proven experience in agile transformations in companies from different sectors, as well as a clear and objective methodology to guide the implementation of an agile culture.

In addition, it is essential that such consultancy understands the needs and particularities of your company, adapting agile practices according to its context and organizational culture.


Implementing an agile culture can be a big challenge for companies but having the support of agility experts can make a difference in the success of organizational transformation.

Unlike an implementation without proper guidance, an agility consultancy can help companies overcome common barriers and challenges in adopting an agile culture, as well as promote transformation in a faster and more efficient way.

Therefore, if your company is considering adopting an agile culture, don’t hesitate to seek the support of an expert agility team Partner.

At Connectis we offer customized solutions that help companies transform their culture and processes, in line with their strategic goals and objectives.

Our team of experienced consultants has extensive knowledge in agile transformations in many sectors, beyond clear and objective methodologies that guide our clients on their way to agility.

Visit our website to learn more about our agility solutions and know how we can help your business achieve its business goals faster and more efficiently.

Ogan Burgos

Project Manager

In this article:

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