We reinvent the digital future committed to ESG criteria

Location: Latam
Date: 11 May, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

At Connectis, we understand as our own the environmental, social and governance challenges whose solutions contribute not only to the success of organizations but also to the sustainability of the societies of which we are a part. For this reason, we have launched a program of initiatives and the first ESG report, convinced that corporate responsibility must materialize in practice.

In this first article on Connectis’ ESG policy, we will review some of the main objectives and initiatives in terms of social criteria that apply to our collaborators, contained in the first report. Our guiding principle is the commitment to the well-being, happiness and health of our employees.

“At Connectis we define ourselves as a responsible corporate citizen because each employee works to build an open and honest relationship with customers, suppliers and investors, based on the transparency of our actions,” explains Rafaela Torres, Responsible of the ESG program at Connectis.

In our daily activities, we commit to good practices at work, taking into account ESG principles to make our actions more sustainable and create a supportive, respectful and inclusive workplace.

“Diversity is a main theme for Connectis and during this 2023 we will focus on it. LGBT awareness training began in 2021 along with an evaluation that revealed its effectiveness”, says Rafaela Torres. The company has also developed a Global Code of Business Conduct to prevent discrimination in the workplace, for which risk situations in this area were identified, as well as prevention strategies and a catalog of actions to be developed.

Regarding gender, Rafaela states that “in line with our diversity goals for 2023, increasing the participation of women in our teams is essential for Connectis. For this reason, we plan to promote internment and leadership programs aimed at women, in which more than half of all collaborators have already participated”.

Likewise, since 2019 Getronics has provided a gender pay gap report for offices located in the United Kingdom, which makes it possible to formulate initiatives to reduce the gap, as well as measure the success of these policies. “We plan to replicate this report in all our offices until the end of this year,” says Rafaela.

When it comes to health, Connectis has developed a broad understanding that includes physical and mental health. Along these lines, “We started a partnership with an online therapy platform at the Connectis offices located in Brazil. We also have a full session on mental health and well-being at our training base, which includes the transfer of stress management techniques and building resilience into our daily tasks. In 2021, wellness training reached more than half of the company’s global workforce”, Rafaela details.

A major challenge in the IT industry is talent retention. Connectis’ policy focuses on the well-being and care of employees, promoting flexibility and providing various benefits. Rafaela details the various plans that are carried out. “We have the Talent Management Plan, focused on career development programs and performance management; GetConnect, which is the conversation between managers and colleagues to inspire our employees; GetLead, a program to identify great talents to guide their professional development. On the other hand, the Job Family System (JFS) Manual offers rewards based on annual performance evaluation, contribution to your team and your role. Finally, the Referral Program allows us to refer people that collaborators value as professionals and with whom they would enjoy working. In 2021, we had 140 successful referrals.”

Connectis is currently developing activities to communicate the company’s strategy in relation to ESG criteria to all teams. In this dissemination process, contributions, questions and new perspectives that enrich the ESG policy are also received. In a future article, we will address the objectives and initiatives to meet environmental commitments.