Transforming support in the future of work

Exploring current innovations transforming the way we work

The digital workplace hasn’t just evolved by itself. Along the way, a number of emerging technologies have helped revolutionise how we experience the way we work, and with the events from the last 18 months, these have only accelerated. 

A recent Gartner survey of 129 business leaders worldwide reports that over 80% of respondents plan to permit remote work after the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, in a PwC survey of 6,669 CEOs, 78% agreed that remote collaboration is here to stay.

However, while the need for transformation is there, we are still very much in transition mode, and the key to success lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural changes. 

In this whitepaper, written by Nitin Bhudia, Head of Service Management & Engineering, we’ll be exploring some of the biggest game-changers for the digital workplace, together with use cases and real-life applications to better enable your digital workers.


This online whitepaper aims to answer the following questions:

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